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Lauren Maggio

Stanford University School of Medicine
Director of Research and Instruction
Stanford, California
Hi -
My name is Lauren and I am a student, librarian, teacher and researcher. I live in Berkeley, California where I love to ride my bike, go to farmers' markets, knit things, go to the theater and read children's books.

As a PhD student at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, I study health professions education. My research focuses on connecting physicians with information to care for patients through the design of information literacy education and by facilitating public and professional access to knowledge. Related to this, I am co-directing a randomized trial to monitor physicians’ use of primary and open access literature in clinical care. I would love to talk with the medical students in the group about how they access and use information for their learning and clinical care.

As a librarian at Stanford’s University's medical library, I train medical students, staff and faculty to effectively and legally locate, manage, and share information for clinical care, research, and teaching. My training takes place at the patient bedside, in the classroom and increasingly in faculty offices, where faculty are struggling to locate course materials that are “legal” for use in our curriculum that now has a global reach through massive online open courses (MOOC). I'd also be very interested in chatting with folks about OER, information literacy and the various roles that librarians can play in Open advocacy.

I am also a co-creator and instructor of the course "Open Knowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning" that is happening right now. This course is an international, bilingual cooperative MOOC, involving institutions in Canada, Ghana, Mexico, and the United States. This course, which has enrolled over 20,000 participants, is offered for credit for library, business, publishing, and education students at each institution and globally to a digital audience. After a lot of legal wrangling - we licensed the course with a CC license. Additionally, at UCSF, I co-teach a credit course to train medical students to act as digital citizens and to edit Wikipedia.

Licensed CC BY 4.0